Ingredients: 2 dl yoghurt 1 scoop (2.5 g) Litozin rosehip powder Muesli of your choice Instructions: Perhaps the easiest and most common way to take Litozin rosehip powder is simply to sprinkle it on yoghurt together with muesli. Simply delicious … Continued


The wild rosehip is called Rosa Canina in Latin. Wild rosehips originally come from southern Europe, parts of Asia and Northern Africa. The plant was most likely brought to South America in the 1500s when the area was colonized, and … Continued


Products in the LITOZIN® product line contain wild growing rosehip and vitamin C. Rosehips help to keep your joints healthy and flexible, and vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation, which is important for normal cartilage and bone function. Vitamin … Continued

Can rosehip take you a step further?

Good news for people experiencing joint discomfort and mobility issues. A new scientific study called The GOOD* Study shows that rosehip can support the function and mobility of the knee. Researchers at the recognized Parker Institute have conducted the innovative … Continued


Available with free advice at pharmacies and health food stores Seedless rosehip powder, now with a daily dosage of only three capsules instead of six previously. Research and several studies have enabled us to develop a new generation of rosehip … Continued

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