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Good news for people experiencing joint discomfort and mobility issues. A new scientific study called The GOOD* Study shows that rosehip can support the function and mobility of the knee.

Researchers at the recognized Parker Institute have conducted the innovative study on LITOZIN®. The study investigates whether a natural product with rosehip can support the function of the knee when walking. The results of the study have recently been published in Gait & Posture. It shows that rosehip supports the mobility of the knee when compared to a group receiving a placebo (a neutral substance). 

Joint-related mobility limitation is among the conditions that can cause an abnormal gait (walk). People unconscientiously or consciously begin to take smaller steps, limp, or alter their gait to compensate for joint discomfort, especially when weight-bearing joints like the knees are involved.

In general, almost everyone experience some kind of joint discomfort during his or her lifetime. It affects all ages but becomes more common with age. The GOOD study included people age 40 years and upwards, experiencing discomfort in the knees.

The study measured the participant’s walk using sophisticated cameras, pressure measuring floor and computer algorithms. Using this technology the researchers could prove that rosehip actually leads to a better function of the knee.

It is the first time that sophisticated gait analysis is used in connection to rosehip; in fact, LITOZIN® is the only rosehip product supported by this kind of research. Another study shows that participants using LITOZIN® with Rosehip experienced an average reduction of 29% in the level of discomfort. The study was conducted with a daily dose of only 3 capsules of LITOZIN®.

The use of rosehip brings new hope for the millions suffering from joint discomfort. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in alternative products and many individuals – including those with knee complaints – seek such solutions. LITOZIN® with Rosehip could make a difference for these people.

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