Products in the LITOZIN® product line contain wild growing rosehip and vitamin C. Rosehips help to keep your joints healthy and flexible, and vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation, which is important for normal cartilage and bone function. Vitamin C also helps to protect cells against oxidative stress.

LITOZIN® rosehip powder is a dietary supplement made from wild rosehips grown in Chile. LITOZIN® has been used for maintaining flexible and healthy joints since 2003 in more than 20 countries.

It was in southern Chile we found the wild rosehip of the exact quality we wanted for LITOZIN®. The rosehips grow in the wild; they are handpicked and only berries of the highest quality are selected.

Only the shell of the berries are used in the process. The berries are processed using an innovative patent pending manufacturing technique that ensures preservation of the active ingredients in the rose hip powder.

It is important to have a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

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