LITOZIN Rosehip, powder

LITOZIN Rosehip, powder

If you prefer to take your rosehip not as a capsule, but as natural powder to sprinkle on your breakfast, yoghurt, or blended in your juice or smoothie, then LITOZIN® Rosehip powder is a suitable option for you.

LITOZIN® powder is the best from nature and contains only wild growing rosehip powder – nothing else is added. It is produced from wild growing rosehip berries, Rosa Canina L. berries, growing in the pristine surroundings of southern Chile, where they are carefully handpicked, gently dried and processed through the manufacturing process.

Natural solution to support your joints health.

Why rosehip powder?

  • Rosehip contributes to the maintenance of healthy and flexible joints

Recommended daily dosage for adults

  • 1 spoon daily (dosage spoon is included with product)


  • Wild rosehip powder 2,250 mg


  • Wild rosehip powder.

This product is part of our product range. Not all products may be available in your country. You are welcome to contact the distributor of your country or Orkla Health AS for more details.

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