LITOZIN Rosehip, capsules

LITOZIN Rosehip, capsules

LITOZIN® rosehip capsules are produced from wild growing rosehip berries, Rosa Canina L. The berries are growing in the pristine surroundings of Southern Chile, where they are carefully handpicked, gently dried and processed through the patent-pending manufacturing process.

Why rosehip and vitamin C?

  • Rosehip contributes to the maintenance of healthy and flexible joints
  • Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of bones and cartilage and the protection of cell constituents from oxidative damage, together with regeneration of the reduced from vitamin E.

Declaration 3 capsules

  • Wild rosehip powder 2,250 mg
  • Vitamin C 80 mg

Wild rose powder incl. 4% Rosenoids® complex (vitamin C (sodium-L-ascorbate), flavonoids, carotenes, triterpenoic acids, galactolipids), gelatine. In some countries, capsules are gelatine free. Contact local sales offices for accurate product information.

Rosenoids® is the complex of key components in rosehip and consists of galactolipids, triterpenoic acids, vitamin C, carotenes, and flavonoids. Only LITOZIN® contains Rosenoids®.
Recommended daily dosage for adults

3 capsules. Swallow with water, or split the capsule and sprinkle over the food. Should be taken in connection with a meal.

This product is part of our product range. Not all products may be available in your country. You are welcome to contact the distributor of your country or Orkla Health AS for more details.

Improved quality of life with Rosehip!

Helle Lund lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is 65 years old and works as a child psychologist. Helle became a grandmother a couple of years ago and spends a lot of time with her grandchildren. All through her life, she has been very active, biking daily and running. Life was not as enjoyable as it used to be A couple of years back, her mobility became limited due to joint…
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