LITOZIN® Rosehip Capsules Top the Sales Charts

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More and more people are discovering the benefits of rosehip powder and vitamin C. Our retailers have noticed this fact, too! When Life Health food stores reported their 2015 half-yearly sales figures, LITOZIN® rosehip capsules topped the sales charts.

LITOZIN® is available as both capsules and powder, and the capsules have become great favorites in the whole Life Health Food chain. The LITOZIN® twin-pack of 200 capsules has been Life’s bestselling product throughout 2015.

“We know that LITOZIN® is an excellent product and it is greatly appreciated by our consumers, and it is gratifying to see that our rosehip powder has become so popular. The main reason that the capsules have become such a big seller is probably because they provide an easy way for consumers to take their daily dosage, although LITOZIN® powder can be taken in a variety of ways”, said Maria Berggren, Senior Brand Manager at Orkla Health.

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