About Litozin®



Rosehip powder helps to maintain healthy and flexible joints.

Seedless rosehip powder with Rosenoids®, now with half of the previous daily dose! Only three capsules a day.

LITOZIN® is now a more user-friendly product based on research and development inspired by the feedback from our consumers, who felt that six capsules was too large a daily dosage.

LITOZIN® – based on scientific work

3 years of different types of research and scientific studies on rosehip has given us insights on how to develop a better product. We have tested several rosehip powders and have conducted numerous product tests during the development process to develop an enhanced LITOZIN®.

Our research and cooperation with five different laboratories in Denmark, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and the Parker Institute has enabled us to develop the unique enhanced rosehip powder, which is only found in the new improved LITOZIN®.

The result: the seedless powder, which means that the daily dose can be halved. Thus, you only need to take three capsules a day instead of previously six capsules.

Now a more user-friendly product

Many consumers previously experienced that six capsules every day were too many to take. Consequently, they did not always take the recommended daily dosage. The insight that many of our loyal consumers felt the previous dose was too large, has been crucial in our effort to develop LITOZIN® into a more user-friendly product by removing the seeds. The powder is now more concentrated and just three capsules a day is enough.

LITOZIN® contains Rosenoids®

Rosenoids® is a collective name of the rosehip ingredients: carotenoids, flavonoids, triterpenoic acids, galactolipids, and added vitamin C. Rosehip berries naturally contains vitamin C, but as the vitamin content varies with the seasons,  vitamin C is added to ensure that the contents remain standard.

The best from nature

LITOZIN® contains wild rosehips from southern Chile. Rosehips growing in the wild are not sprayed with pesticides, but grow as nature intended. The berries are handpicked and after being harvested, they are gently processed to conserve the properties of the ingredients in a specialized patent-pending production unit. Everything is done with strict quality control to create a safe and high quality product.

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