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1.6 Million Club in Sweden
Orkla Care is a proud sponsor of The 1.6 Million Club in Sweden

Alexandra Charles founded The 1.6 Million Club in 1998 and she has been the chairwoman ever since. She started the club after she had heard from doctors and researchers how male-dominated medical research was and how women were being discriminated against in health care.

Alexandra made the decision to start the club to spread more female-oriented information about heart disease and other issues affecting women’s health. The actual name The 1.6 million Club came about because in 1998 there were 1.6 million women over 45 in Sweden.

In 2008 The 2.6 Million club was founded for younger women aged between 18 and 45. Both associations have the same goal, and help and support each other.

Today the club disseminates knowledge and information about all issues dealing with women’s health and women’s situation. They are active on issues such as healthcare, getting a job, immigrant women’s conditions, the economy, the environment and culture.   

The Club wants to create a healthier society with more health awareness and enjoyment for women of all ages by working as a pressure group and opinion-shaper, working with state agencies, politicians and researchers.

More consideration should be given to the biological, physiological and pharmacological differences between women and men, when it comes to health and disease – and that is why The Club supports the Centre for Genus Medicine at Karolinksa Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

With its 33,000 members, The 1.6 million Club is one of Sweden’s largest women pressure groups. The Club publishes a magazine, books and calendars, as well as holding seminars about health around 20 times a year. They also organise trips, cinema and theatre visits and social get-togethers. The Club works closely with medical experts who carefully check all the information before it is published, and they help with access to the very latest research.

The objectives of The Club are to:

  • Highlight and spread information about women’s health  
  • Ensure the female perspective is included in medical training and medical research   
  • Promote women’s health issues from a holistic perspective, to promote the

interconnectedness of the mind and body  

  • Campaign for better health care and spread awareness of preventative health care    

For more information, click on this link: http://www.1.6miljonerklubben.com/

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