Tip 3: Physical activity and stability training

Physical activity is one of the best forms of prevention and improves movement of the joints and spine.

Exercising can improve your general health and the health of the joints, as it creates many positive changes:

  • Strengthens the muscles around the joints
  • Increases bone strength to prevent mechanical injury
  • Results in an increase in energy throughout the day
  • Maintains a proper range of mobility in the joints
  • Provides better fluency of movements of the joints, because they increase production of synovial fluid, which reduces friction between cartilage and joints.
  • Makes us sleep better
  • Helps weight control
  • Makes us feel better, thanks to the production of endorphins produced during exercise.

Example of a training program:

Getting warm:

Each exercise should begin with a short 5-minute warm-up. To warm up the joints, jump on the spot and bend, straighten or circulate arms and legs. Start with the limbs; hands, feet, knees, elbows, hips and finally warm up shoulders including the spine. The warm-up can also be jogging in a treadmill or using a stationary bike.

Exercising is core:

Doing core exercises is recommended as they stabilize the spine by creating a natural, protective corset of muscles.

Stabilizing training strengthens certain muscle groups (especially the transverse abdominal muscle and the multifidus muscle) that hold the spine in a correct position. Strengthening the stabilizing muscles allows you to keep a good posture and reduces overload on the spine. This is crucial as our spine is exposed to constant overload.

Stability workout improves all physical activities we are involved in, in our everyday life.

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