Improved quality of life with Rosehip!

Helle Lund lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is 65 years old and works as a child psychologist. Helle became a grandmother a couple of years ago and spends a lot of time with her grandchildren. All through her life, she has been very active, biking daily and running.

Life was not as enjoyable as it used to be

A couple of years back, her mobility became limited due to joint discomfort and life was not as enjoyable as it used to be. Her quality of life was reduced significantly and her usual activities of daily living like running and biking were limited.

It came to a point where Helle more or less gave up hope getting her life back. However, one day a neighbour told her about a clinical study using a compound derived from rosehip berries, which contributed to maintaining healthy joints. She immediately decided to participate in the study.

Improved quality of life after 3 months on Litozin® with Rosenoids®

She started taking the new rosehip product called Litozin® with Rosenoids®. Rosehip is known to contribute to the joint health and the new product was being tested for how effective it was compared to previous formulations of rosehip.

Besides taking 3 capsules a day, she also had to monitor her quality of life by rating how it was impacted by the treatment with the new rosehip product. After a while, Helle noticed her quality of life improving. At the end of the study, after using Litozin® with Rosenoids® for 3 months, she made a final assessment of her quality of life: it was back to what it used to be before her joint discomfort started!

3 capsules a day of rosehip which helped me with my joint discomfort

“Before I started rosehip, my quality of life hit rock bottom – but now I have my life back” Helle says. She is now back on her bike and rides every day to work. “The joint discomfort really reduced my quality of life even while lying down. It also affected my mood. Today, things are different; I can get out of bed very easily and I do not have to restrain myself from doing things. I also bought a dog and long walks with my new friend have replaced my runs. Before discovering this new product, if someone had told me that I would be able to take a walk around the lakes in Copenhagen again I would not have believed them.”

“I took three capsules of Litozin® with Rosenoids® every day during the study. I have tried other kinds of supplements before where I had to take up to 15 capsules a day. That was simply too much. However, it is much easier when you only have to take 3 capsules and at the same time can decide for yourself when to take them during the day. This is definitely more convenient for me.”

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